Terms of Sale



1. CryptoGoonz Structure


Our structure is composed as follows:

CryptoGoonz NFT Collection - divided into four distinct collections:


-CryptoGoonz Special Edition Collection

-GoonzWarz and its associated collections (our playable game)

-GoonzLore and its associated collections (our storyline)

-CryptoGoonz Sandbox Experience and its associated collections, linked to @Davc_s brand.


CryptoGoonz aims to establish itself as a recognizable collectible brand through blockchain, Web3, and NFTs. When you acquire a CryptoGoon from any of our four CryptoGoonz NFT collections, you actively support our mission and become an integral part of our growth. As a holder, you gain access to our creations and participate in shaping our development direction.


The CryptoGoonz NFT collection comprises 1000 CryptoGoonz, 1000 FemGoonz and 1000 ZombGoonz in an OpenSea storefront collection, 1000 DeadGoonz in a collection on an ERC-721 Contract, 1000 AstroGoonz in a collection on an ERC-721 Contract, and 1000 CyborGoonz in a collection on an ERC-721 Contract.


The CryptoGoonz Special Edition Collection serves as our rewards and promotional collection and exists on an OpenSea storefront contract. 


GoonzWarz and its associated collections refer to our playable game and any future NFT collections related to it.


GoonzLore and its associated collections encompass our storyline, comic, and related NFT collections.


The CryptoGoonz Sandbox Experience and its associated collections are tied to @Davc_s brand.



2. Ownership and Intellectual Property


The name and intellectual property associated with CryptoGoonz are the sole property of the CryptoGoonz team and any appropriately associated collaborators or legally represented parties. All rights not expressly granted to users and owners of CryptoGoonz are reserved by the team or potential future funding sources associated with the team. This includes, but is not limited to, intellectual property rights related to images, names, logos, 3D layer files, trademarks, websites, GoonzWarz, GoonzLore, CryptoGoonz Sandbox Experience, and any assets created by us. It also extends to the user interface, smart contract code, and other elements not explicitly licensed.



3. Ownership Rights


Ownership of a CryptoGoonz NFT entitles the holder to full ownership rights over the NFT. CryptoGoonz reserves the right to use CryptoGoonz NFTs for commercial purposes.



4. Commercial and Derivative Rights


We encourage you to explore various commercial opportunities involving CryptoGoonz NFTs and our brands. However, please be aware that you may use your CryptoGoon NFT in its entirety only. The individual layered files and traits are proprietary creations. If you use your CryptoGoon NFT to create your own NFTs, you must provide proper credit for the original artwork and include a link to our website. For those interested in releasing CryptoGoonz merchandise, please contact our team for further discussions. Usage on merchandise should not involve any unlawful, fraudulent, libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, profane, threatening, abusive, hateful, offensive, or otherwise objectionable material. You agree to indemnify and defend against any claims, damages, proceedings, loss, or costs arising from such usage. Do not use CryptoGoonz Licensed Materials in any way that could harm the reputation of CryptoGoonz, our brand, or any featured subjects in the NFTs, as well as any collaborators, affiliates, partners, or their respective parties.



5. No Guarantees or Future Promises


While CryptoGoonz aims to provide ongoing value through Web3 technology, we cannot guarantee future benefits or returns. When you purchase a CryptoGoonz NFT token, you acknowledge that the art you receive is the primary consideration for your funds. Any future benefits are secondary, and you are not relying on future commitments by CryptoGoonz or associated collaborators.



6. CryptoGoonz Tokens Are Not Investments


CryptoGoonz NFTs are collectible tokens and are not intended as investment vehicles. We make no promises or guarantees regarding their future monetary value. You understand that these tokens may have no inherent monetary worth and should be regarded as collectibles with potential future value, which may be zero. We are committed to building a community and delivering intangible value through community initiatives and innovative product offerings.



7. Personal Data


Please refer to our Privacy Policy for information on how we collect, use, store, and disclose your personal data. You agree to the terms outlined in our Privacy Policy.



8. Taxes


You are responsible for any tax obligations arising from minting, purchasing, or reselling CryptoGoonz NFTs.



9. Legal Age Requirements


CryptoGoonz is intended to be accessible to all users; however, some content may not be suitable for minors. We recommend parental guidance for interactions with our platform. By using CryptoGoonz, you affirm that you are at least 18 years old or have explicit permission from a parent or legal guardian to engage with our platform.


Privacy Policy


Last Updated: [Oct 12th 2023]


CryptoGoonz operates as a distributed application on the Polygon network, utilizing specially-developed smart contracts (referred to as "Smart Contracts") to facilitate user ownership, transfers, and interactions with unique digital collectibles.


CryptoGoonz places a high priority on safeguarding your privacy. This Privacy Policy (referred to as the "Policy") outlines how we collect and handle personal information when you visit our website at www.cryptogoonz.com, engage in activities related to the digital NFTs on our website (collectively referred to as the "Game"), or interact with us in any other capacity.



1. Collection of Information


CryptoGoonz collects data to effectively operate The Portal, Goonz Warz, and our website while delivering optimal experiences to users. We obtain some of this data directly from you when you register for our Game, subscribe to newsletters, participate in surveys, contact us for support, or interact with us as a prospective user, vendor, supplier, or consultant. We also gather data through technologies like cookies by observing your interactions with our website and Game. Additionally, data is obtained and processed within the scope of providing the Game. Your choices regarding data provision are respected. However, withholding data that is necessary for enabling Game access may affect your ability to use our services. The types of data we collect may include:


-Email and Metamask Wallet Address

-Device and Usage Information (e.g., interactions on our website, feature usage patterns, location data, interactions with us, IP address, browser type, operating system, and referring URLs)



2. Use of Information


We utilize the data we collect for various purposes, including:


-Providing the Game, including personalized features and recommendations.

-Offering technical support and resolving issues.

-Enhancing the Game through improvements and additions.

-Conducting business operations and generating business insights.

-Administering promotions and surveys.

-Enhancing advertising campaigns' relevance.

-Communication with users and personalizing our communications.



3. Protection of Information


We employ multiple security measures to ensure the safety of your personal information when you input, submit, or access it. We utilize secure servers, encrypt web traffic using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, and secure data at rest. Our systems adhere to confidentiality requirements.



4. System Security and Redundancy


We take comprehensive steps to maintain the confidentiality, resilience, and availability of our processing systems, including:


-High Availability through redundant servers.

-Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery through encrypted backups.

-Physical Access Controls, as hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

-Logical Access Controls with restricted access to infrastructure.



5. Disclosure to Third Parties


We do not sell or trade your personal information to third parties. However, we may share aggregated non-personal information with third parties for marketing, advertising, and analytics purposes. Personal data is shared with your consent or as necessary for providing the Game. Vendors working on our behalf are required to adhere to our data privacy and security standards and may only use personal data for specified purposes. In corporate transactions such as sales, mergers, or dissolutions, personal data may be disclosed. We may also disclose personal data in response to legal obligations, requests from authorities, to protect interests, enforce our Terms of Use, or investigate potential wrongdoing.




6. Third-Party Links


We may occasionally offer third-party products or services on our website or through the Game, and linked websites may collect information according to their privacy policies. CryptoGoonz disclaims responsibility for the content and activities of linked sites.



7. Data Storage and Processing


Private personal data collected by CryptoGoonz is stored and processed in Canada, except for blockchain data, which may be processed by Ethereum and Polygon blockchain nodes.



8. Data Retention


We retain personal information as long as you use the Game, maintain an account, or as required to fulfill the purposes outlined in this Policy. Account closure results in personal data deletion, but we may retain data as permitted by applicable laws, for legal, tax, regulatory compliance, or legitimate business purposes.



9. Changes to Privacy Policy


We update this Privacy Policy as necessary, and changes will be reflected in the "last updated" date at the top. Material changes will be notified to you in advance. Periodically review this statement to understand how CryptoGoonz protects your information.


If you have any questions or require clarification, please contact us via email at cryptogoonz@hotmail.com.