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Goonelution - Burn to Evolve. 


Journey through time following Trixie & Curt’s journey on the Deadz Planet. Work your way through 7 layers of evolution, from Goober to Goonderthal. By minting and burning on our dApp. 


Goonelution dApp



Every wallet address can mint 5 Gooberz for free. Burn 2 Gooberz to make a Goober Cluster. Burn 2 Goober Clusterz to make a Goonacanth etc.


Select which creature you want to evolve on our interactive dApp.

Every transaction costs gas only.


All 7 creatures are available on secondary markets. Royalty/Creator Earnings are set at 7.5%. All funds will go back into project growth.


 Goonelution Collection



We created this free to mint collection for 2 reasons 

The Goonelution Collection started life as an idea to explore the interplay of the mechanics of multiple ERC-1155’s in one collection, where you have to burn ERC-1155’s to get an evolved ERC-1155. 

The Goonelution collection is one way we want to bring immersive storytelling to our community. Encouraging them to explore the Goonz past and build engaging imagery and lore.


Our lore ‘Goonelution: A Smouldering Evolution’ tells the story of how Trixie discovered bonez on The Deadz Planet with Curt, how she scientifically pieces together skeletal structures and draws artistic impressions to show her findings. You can read the full story and learn more below!






Crypto Goonz are a collection of 6,000 uniquely generated Goonz NFT'z. No two Goonz are the same.


On a mission to discover who they are, they exist to serve one purpose; take over the Gooniverse.


All traitz are hand drawn and made to represent the perfection in imperfection.




Flagship Collectionz

ImMersive Storytelling



Special Edition Collection to reward holderz


Halloween skinz



CryptoGoonz is a passion project that aims to deliver an immersive storytelling experience whilst allowing our holderz to experiment with gaming and Web3.


We reserve the right to use any Goon for commercial use.


We will NOT stop you from using your Goonz in any way you see fit either.


Check out our social media pagez to stay up to date on all the inner workingz at the Goonz HQ.


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Chris AKA Absolem


Dave S
Project Manager


eventz Manager