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Crypto Goonz is launching something very exciting for our 1 Year Anniversary on Sept 7th. We call it Goonelution!


What is Goonelution? Goonelution is a 64,000 NFT collection with a diminishing supply where your task is to complete the Goonelution line by evolving your NFT'z! Collect all 7, it will be important!


How it works: You will mint your Gooberz and then evolve 2 of them to create Goober Clusterz. Evolve 2 Goober Clusterz and receive the Goonacanth and so on.


2 Gooberz = 1 Goober Cluster

2 Goober Clusterz = 1 Goonacanth

2 Goonacanthz = 1 Igoonza

2 Igoonzaz = 1 Bagoonza

2 Bagoonzaz = 1 Goonrilla

2 Goonzrillaz = 1 Goonderthal



How many can I mint? Every wallet address will be allowed to mint 5 Goober NFT'z. Holding Crypto Goonz will increase your mint allowance and give you a massive boost in completing your Goonelution collection. Click here





Where do I mint? Minting will take place on our Portal which can be accessed by clicking the "Goonz Portal" image above or by clicking the "Portal" option in our menu.



Completion Rewardz:

- An NFT of all 7 stagez

- Access to Part 2 of Story for #Goonelution

- White Keyring (you will need to give us postal details)

- Goonderthalz will be able to play GoonzWarz

- A special NFT for holding all seven stagez of #Goonelution



Crypto Goonz are a collection of 6,000 uniquely generated Goonz NFT'z. No two Goonz are the same.


On a mission to discover who they are, they exist to serve one purpose; take over the Gooniverse.


All traits are hand drawn and made to represent the perfection in imperfection.


1.⚡️ Initial Release of 1000 Crypto Goonz - Completed

2.⚡️ Release of 1000 FemGoonz 💁‍♀️ - Completed

3.⚡️ Release of 1000 ZombGoonz 🧟‍♂️ - Completed

4.⚡️ Release of 1000 DeadGoonz💀 - Completed

5.⚡️ Release of 1000 AstroGoonz🧑‍🚀 - Completed

6.⚡️ Release of 1000 CyborGoonz 🤖 - Completed


The Goonz have secured a plot of Sandbox land and plan to setup the Goonz HQ in the Metaverse very soon! The key to access will be the Goonimalz.


We reserve the right to use any Goon for commercial use. If there is a direct financial benefit from this then we will reward the holder.


We will not stop you from using your Goonz in any way you see fit either.


Check out our social media pagez to stay up to date on all the inner workingz at the Goonz HQ.


Linkz below.

Crypto Goonz







Chris AKA Absolem


Dave S
Project Manager


Metaverse Architect


Content Creator




Eventz Host


Q3 2021

Art Dropped with OG GoonZ

Team formed from community

Story line/lore started


Q4 2021

FemZ dropped

Merch Store opened

ZombZ Dropped


Q1 2022

Website released

DeadZ created on own contract

Dev onboarded


Q2 2022

AstroZ Dropped

GoonzWarZ Beta 2.0 released

GoonzWarZ Beta 3.0 released

Metaverse Architect onboarded





Q3 2022

Content Creator and Eventz Planner onboarded

Your Goonz Portal opened

CyborZ released



Q3 2023

- Merch review & re-design

- GoonzWarZ Beta 4.0 released

- Sandbox Experience opened

- GoonzWarz Alpha released

- Team Expansion

- The History of our Mystery storyline finished


Q4 2023

- Goonimalz

- Customisation and personalisation of your Goonz Portal

- GoonzWarZ expansion/roll out